Glad you found your way to my humble little page here.  I hope you will take a little while to check out what's going on here in my world.  I am a Knoxville, Tennessee based songwriter who spends a hell of a lot of time driving all over bringing my songs to anyone who cares to listen.  Some folks call what I do Outlaw Country or Americana, but I have a hard time putting a label on things like that.  A lot of my songs are very much based in classic Country music while others are grounded in straight forward and greasy rock'n'roll.  I write what is ready to come out and try to be as honest as I can about it.  Give 'em a listen and call 'em what you want then get your ass out to a show!

'The American Way' Music Video

I am now on Pandora!

Great news!  The Matt Woods Manifesto has recently been added to the Music Genome Project and you can now create your very own "MATT WOODS" station on Pandora.com!  This is a great way to dial in some tunes at work or on the go on your smartphones and it is a fantastic way for folks to discover some new tunes.  Head on over to Pandora right now and set up your station.  Be sure to choose MATT WOODS (COUNTRY) when you click on the new station button. 
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